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A prolific Annual General Meeting

As you probably know, the association’s AGM took place on June 28th, at the rue Falguière campus in Paris, and via streaming the Bachelor programme campus in Nantes.

The first part of the evening focused on the global action plan, presented by Florence Alix-Gravellier, head of the alumni team. Florence went over the 2018 highlights, namely the encouraging key figures of the use of Together, the alumni website, with, however, two major areas for improvement: the need to increase the number of users as well as update the profile data. The challenge is to make Together a tool for connecting alumni among themselves and with the school.

We then presented the balance sheet for the association: the accounts and the results of two key studies that the Supervisory Board had undertaken to carry out. The marketing study made it possible to measure graduate satisfaction with the actions carried out by Audencia Alumni and to understand the levers for improvement to be implemented. An organisational audit carried out by an external firm highlighted some dysfunctions in the organisation of the association. These two studies allowed us to write the main lines of the project that we also presented.


The new team

The minutes of the AGM and the documents presented are available on Together. Our roadmap is, we hope, a solid first step in breathing new life into our network. In any case, it encouraged some of the AGM participants to stand as candidates in the elections that took place the same evening.

We are therefore delighted to introduce you to this year’s members of the alumni and supervisory boards:

Alumni board

Supervisory board

We are all available to discuss and answer your questions.


 Cécile Kergrohen (GE 93), President, Supervisory Board 

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Connecting alumni is at the heart of the Audencia Alumni project

A roadmap focusing on the link between alumni

Because the strength of a network is its ability to create a direct link between alumni, the next few months will allow us to work with the alumni team on the core of the project presented during the AGM: connecting alumni.

This connection is largely fuelled by the communities (class years, clubs, etc) and their ambassadors. It is also our collective responsibility. We therefore want to allow everyone to create connections with other graduates, lead a community, new or existing, small or large, around a shared interest, profession or current topic, just once or more regularly.

This requires effective resources. The association will therefore organise itself to strengthen, develop and structure these resources, with the support of the alumni team, to meet the needs of community leaders. This means a more responsive association that is more attentive to your needs. It also means lighter, more readable and open governance. We are therefore undertaking a review of our statutes and will, if necessary, change them.



 Cécile Kergrohen (GE 93), President, Supervisory Board 

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The role of “long-distance” ambassadors

Alumni ambassadors have a key role to play as the cornerstones of a strong alumni network. This role is all the more important when the community is geographically far from the campus where alumni spent their student years. While the role is important in Nantes or Paris, it becomes essential in other French regions and internationally. Our ambassadors are Audencia Alumni's showcase around the world.

It is true that regional and international communities are smaller and more fragmented than historical chapters such as Nantes or the Parisian clubs... Never mind, as long as the desire to connect and reconnect is there. When it comes to networking, learning, discovering or simply having conversations, ambassadors have plenty of imagination. They are full of innovative ideas and varied formats. Among the recent initiatives are a picnic in Tokyo, a petanque tournament in Montreal, dinners in Rennes, Ho Chi Minh City and Casablanca, the inauguration of a new chapter in Shenzhen, meetings with Audencia's management and faculty in Lyon, Phnom Penh, Sao Paulo, Frankfurt and Auckland, not to mention the many afterworks that are held around the world...

As a point of reference for welcoming newcomers, ambassadors in French regions and abroad are responsible for leading the community in their area. And given that we find richness in diversity, more and more of them are opening up to other alumni networks, namely:

  • in Hong Kong with an evening co-hosted with emlyon
  • in New York with a regatta organised by the AAGEF (Association des Amis des Grandes Écoles de France)
  • in Madrid with a reception at the Residence organised by RAGEFE (Rassemblement des Alumni des Grandes Écoles Françaises en Espagne)
  • in Geneva with a series of “Meet & Learn” conferences organised in partnership with Grenoble Ecole de Management

Audencia Alumni is delighted to see all these initiatives happen and can provide financial support (on request) for certain events. Do you have a project in French regions or abroad? Contact your Volunteering Officers:

Thank you all for your commitment. We wish you a wonderful year full of new opportunities and new friends ! 


Amandine Luce & Laëtitia Caliez, on behalf of the Audencia Alumni team 

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A chapter strategy to reinforce Audencia's international outreach

Alumni around the globe are important elements in strengthening and supporting the School’s international ambitions. Audencia Alumni, in turn, supports its international alumni communities and their ambassadors by helping them develop impactful initiatives for graduates and students alike.

This virtuous circle is part of a wider chapter strategy operating on several levels.

"It’s important to maintain a focus on chapters that are coherent with regard to the School’s strategy" says Nicolas Gilet (GE 96) who regularly works with the alumni team on international matters.


The Audencia Alumni team currently supports 1 campus chapter, 25 country chapters and 31 international city chapters:

  • Campus chapter – an alumni chapter in each city where Audencia has a campus. In anticipation of the coming alumni cohorts that will graduate from SABS, the Shenzhen chapter was officially launched in March 2017.
  • Country chapters – following consultations with international alumni, the layout and role of chapters on Together will undergo some modifications. A country chapter corresponds to a strategic priority for the School, a critical mass of alumni and targeted destinations where students wish to work such as the UK, USA, China and Switzerland.
  • City chapters – communities of alumni where ambassadors organise on-site social and professional events
  • Up and coming chapters – cities where there is no pre-existing alumni chapter but with a critical mass of alumni (>20) and which are target destinations for students. For example, the San Francisco chapter has just been launched with ambassador Lucie Gouanelle (GE 98) and there are more to come.



Katie François, on behalf of the Audencia Alumni team

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Alumni at the hearth of Audencia


Florence Alix-Gravellier, on behalf of the Audencia Alumni team

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A breath of fresh air for the Foundation

Drawing inspiration from the past to build the future. This is the angle we have chosen this year to bring together the entire alumni network around a shared project: the development of the School.

We launched the “annual fund” operation two years ago at Audencia. The annual fund is a call for donations launched each year in November and December to the entire network of alumni of the School.

A call for donations to raise the School ever higher! Participating in the School's annual fund means participating in a dynamic to help a community to grow.

This year, we are counting on your help to mobilise the network. We will get back to you soonwith all the details of the campaign. In the meantime, here is an infographic of the highlights of the 2018 annual fund.



Marine Jégu, on behalf of the Audencia Alumni team

The end

We hope you enjoyed this Ambassadors' Extra, we look forward to seeing you at the end of October for a new supplement. 

Until then, the news continues on Together! Don't forget to create your account and join the Volunteers Academy, if you haven't already done so, this is where you will find all the information dedicated to the ambassadors.

In the meantime, for any comments/questions/suggestions, do not hesitate to write to us at audenciaalumni@audencia.com

Very good comeback to all of you!

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