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Audencia Alumni in 2017

 The Association’s New Team

These last four years have called for total personal investment and I am proud of all we’ve achieved in joining forces with the School to help develop major undertakings, reflected by the Audencia Alumni Awards and Together, testifies Estelle Marie (GE 04), president from 2013 to 2017.

Estelle has been actively involved and at the helm of initiatives to overhaul service offerings but last June she decided it was time to hand over the baton.  We’d like to express our sincere appreciation to her for providing a voice to alumni within the school’s bodies and our thanks also goes to her wonderful team for their tremendous commitment.

Governance has been renewed with a new Supervisory Board, chaired by Cécile Kergrohen (GE 93), and a Bureau, headed by Eric Dodin (GE 88).  “We have been working in unison to offer graduates a highly engaging project which they can get directly involved in, with benefits for both themselves and other graduates. The value of graduates for graduates is itself strengthening the renown of the school!” maintains Eric.

The Network currently comprises over 24,000 graduates, 4,700 students and continues to rely on the contributions made by its 350 volunteers who energize the Audencia Alumni community day in day out.  We would like to give them our heartfelt thanks.


Overview on the Highlights of the Year 


In 2017, over 1,700 alumni took part in 218 events.  With 16 webinars, numerous afterworks, dinners or conferences in France and abroad, last year proved to be packed full of special key events:

  • The Welcome Back #6 with Audencia Bachelor attracted over 200 participants (the 7th reunion has already been scheduled for 30 November 2018),
  • The Audencia Alumni Awards which recognised 9 winners in 8 award categories,
  • The creation of “Live my Life as a Manager”, an initiative by the Audencia Dirigeants de l’Ouest Club (where a manager in the West of France meets up with a student for the day),
  • Class year reunions for IMM 2012, Audencia SciencesCom 87, 97 et 07, GE 87 et 07… not forgetting the 25th anniversary of MS MOS
  • Graduation award ceremonies: 98 new graduates for Audencia SciencesCom, 158 for Audencia Bachelor, 704 for Audencia Grande Ecole, 138 for all of the specialized masters and 253 for international programs.
Network Talk

Happy First Anniversary "Together"!

So what exactly is Together?

Launched back in March 2017, Together is the new collaborative website open to all Audencia graduates. This tool is currently enabling 24,000 alumni, 4,700 students, as well as professors and faculty members to stay connected.  

The website strives to be innovative, intuitive, and community-driven. Thanks to its rich array of communities, it brings together alumni and students with shared topical, geographical or class-year interests. This tool makes it possible for users to communicate instantly and easily with each other across a large open network, without the need to transfer contact details.

Together is the perfect tool providing you with access to the network’s upcoming events. In just a few clicks, you can sign up to afterworks, workshops, sporting events and lots more. Together has enabled me to stay in touch with my former classmates and has also helped me identify potential partners with a view to developing my business. Julien Tourme (GE 08 and SciencesCom 10).


A staggering success

Within the first month, 3,400 alumni and students had already logged onto the website.  Fast-forward a year and over 7,300 accounts have now been set up and 624,000 web pages visited! To support the growth of Together, "Alumni Wanted" operations have opened up a world of connections to over 700 graduates. This success is largely down to the huge contribution made by alumni Maxence Baudier-Melon, Manuel Marie and Anne-Laure Conseil, to whom we would like to express our congratulations and appreciation.

We have come a long way in the past year and would like to wish Together a very happy first anniversary!



Improvements have already been made

While Together was originally designed in collaboration with graduates, continuous improvements are constantly being incorporated on the basis of user feedback. In the space of a few months, several changes have been implemented including community forums and a map featuring the locations of alumni events. It is now possible to connect your profile to LinkedIn and adjust your settings to select the notifications you wish to receive.

However, the main improvement has to be Close to Me, the community’s eagerly awaited geolocation function. This new function makes it possible to locate graduates, students and faculty members across the globe.

With Close to Me, Together is striving to reach its objectives for 2018, namely to have 12,000 active accounts, to foster communication and collaboration on the website, and ultimately, to become a benchmark platform in the running of an alumni network.


Together Version 3

In 2018, the website will be entering a new phase of evolution. We would love to know what improvements or features you would find most helpful. To take part in the group project, please get in touch with Together.

Network Talk

The Life of a Volunteer: Brice Dufour

Brice Dufour (GE 11), lives in Dublin where he works as an accounts executive for Google. He is responsible for advising customers on how best to manage their digital communication strategy.  Brice has been supporting French businesses for the past six years, so you could say he has become quite an expert on the subject.

In 2014, he heard about the creation of the Specialized Master in Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age (SMED) which instantly appealed to him, so much so that he decided to get involved in its development. He started by facilitating the transition towards Google certifications for the first two class years.  Before long Brice wanted to take it to the next level. He firmly believes that, while the original aspect of specialized master’s degrees is to give pride of place to professors with experience in the business world, it is also necessary to give students the opportunity to have real world experience in firms.

For the SMED 2018 class, Brice is helping to set up a Learning Expedition in Dublin, the digital hub of Europe’s Silicon Valley.

Armed with his impressive networking skills, he has set about contacting Audencians one by one at Facebook, EY, Microsoft, Symantec, Stripe and Oracle in a bid to convince them to open their doors to students. This has proved to be a painstaking and time-consuming task, even for this ambassador of the Dublin Chapter with an address book bursting with contacts. However, both parties stand to gain from this experience:  it provides him with a successful and rewarding project which he can be proud of, but it is also a fulfilling experience for the alumni who get involved.

 My colleagues at Google have really taken to it. They are going to set up learning expeditions with their own schools, with the support of our HR teams who view this as a fantastic way of attracting new talent. Personally speaking, it’s a great way for me to review my own practices, see my job in a new light, and gain some perspective on my everyday life.

As well as Brice’s commitment to the project, this journey has also been made possible thanks to a grant allocated by the Quentin Project for Life Foundation set up in memory of Quentin Boulenger (GE 10). This endowment fund provides support and training for young people, particularly in the digital realm.

To find out more, discover the travel diary recounted by the students themselves.

“I get to meet a lot of people in my job but more often than not they are from the same world as myself.  Audencia Alumni allows me to diversify my network and meet other graduates living in the same town as me but who are involved in totally different things. I love the rich variety it brings and that’s the reason why I decided to become an ambassador.

"What I find most appealing is receiving feedback from people I’ve advised just a few months down the line. At times it might just be a simple message saying “Thanks, your advice came in really useful”!

"I put time and effort into keeping my contacts list up-to-date and I also organise an event every term. It really feels like this learning expedition has enabled alumni to build something special together. So what’s my next big challenge? That would be to foster good practices between volunteers on Together.” Brice concludes.

So get on board yourself!









Network Talk

Our events Calendar is already packed!

Already over 40 events in January and February, open to students and graduates across all programmes at Audencia.  Afterworks, networking evenings, conferences, debating workshops or other opportunities for discussion and getting together, organized both in France and across the globe, with a few high points including Dubai, where 15 Audencians met up on 13 February.


Join us as we take a look back on a few of the 2018 highlights of so far:

  • On 1 and 6 February Intuiti and Audencia SciencesCom brought together over 100 people in Nantes and Paris, for a conference on the subject of “The value of emotion in customer experience”. The aim? To confront the outlook of researchers and professional experts in approaches centered on the user. 

Tell me +        Tell me even +


  • The Annual General Meeting of the association “Audencia Bachelor Network” was held on 21 February in Nantes. The status and financial report of its latest mandate was approved and a new committee was elected.  Julien Tourme (Audencia Bachelor 08) appointed president, Romain Petit (Audencia Bachelor 13) vice president, Matthieu Bonnamy (Audencia Bachelor 08) treasurer, and Mathias Denis (Audencia Bachelor 17) secretary general. Please note that Frédérique Debout (Audencia Bachelor 02) and Thomas Mathieu (Audencia Bachelor 12) remain committee members.


  • The debating workshop “E-reputation, social selling and influence strategies on social networks”, led by Club Marketing & Digital was a huge success. Thanks to Brigitte Neveu-Derotrie (GE 85) and her experts, the 38 participants were able to understand how to generate genuine commitment from their audience on social media and left with a broader vision of future trends and actions to prioritise in 2018.



  • Upcoming events: Audencia Bachelor is holding the conference, “If enterprise were an Olympic sport” scheduled for 15 March. Romain Heinrich, pilot of the French bobsleigh team (selected twice to participate at the Olympic Games), will join with others in presenting the emotions that lead to success or how to build lasting motivation. Don’t miss out on the last few places on Together.
The topic

Floriane Brisabois, “Minister for the feminine Condition”

Floriane Brisabois, “Minister for the feminine Condition” in a Man’s World


Citroën’s former communications director at the steering wheel of POA

Floriane is an expert in her field, namely communication, and this may seem surprising as her line of business is cars, renowned for being a male-dominated sector.  Yet, she has a tremendous screen presence on the YouTube POA channel “Petites Observations Automobiles” (motor show), a company of which she is currently the Development Director.  She tests out the latest vehicles, comments on the car manufacturers’ vision, and also takes part in the “Café Garage,” bringing her own insights during discussions on the communication strategies of top car companies.  So, what is all this success down to?  Excellence.  “I’ve worked really hard and that’s why I’m in a comfortable place right now,” she confides, before bringing up the 15 years she spent working with Citroën.


A career with a few gear changes

Today in her forties, Floriane Brisabois is now pursuing her own happiness more when it comes to her professional life.  This is perfectly justifiable as she has a brilliant career under her belt working alongside one of the top car makers. At the age of 30, wasn’t she already Citroën’s Director of Marketing responsible for their brand image across the world?  An impeccable achievement which is down to her take on communication: “Succeeding in this field requires a lot of hard work and an acute sense of organisation. It’s got nothing to do with champagne and sequins!”


In fact, for Floriane her career funnel is actually upside down!  After working for a prestigious company, she is now in pursuit of her own happiness.  And, as she has already proved her worth, she can now assume the original choices she makes.  With POA, she has struck a balance between her natural joie de vivre and her conscientious side.


Bends taken on the inside edge of the track

Floriane has always known how to anticipate bends in the road. Even during her time as a student in Nantes, she chose to train with “Audencia Business School” as the school provided the opportunity of overseas internships, rare at the time. She spent six months in Ohio and discovered the business world.

Following this, she signed a contract with Ford where she caught the automotive bug!

The other bend in the road came when she steered her way towards POA. This helped bring out her feminine side which she had more or less stifled while working for Citroën. There was no question of not showing yourself to be up to the job in this large firm, and, to be credible, Floriane made herself adopt a career path and an attitude that was… that of a man.

The time has at last come for her to take a smoother road…


By Clothilde Monat

The topic

#Negotraining, innovative support for wage negotiation

They tell us about their experience participating in #Negotraining

No- one is better placed to express the impact this project is having on career paths than the people actually taking part in #Negotraining, from participants to tutors and partners.

Tell me +


I’ve found the training very useful.  First of all, we help them to realise the impact it can have on their career and then we provide the tools they need to identify their skill- set, and their added value, so that they become more confident.  Finally, we provide them with negotiation strategies.

Sandrine Charpentier founder of Digitaly, president of the association Femmes du Digital Ouest and partner of the scheme.


I have carried out negotiations with clients in a business capacity, bringing in contracts, but on a personal level I find it quite challenging. This workshop has enabled me to get my confidence back and overcome my fears and feelings of guilt.  It has allowed me to pass an important milestone, that of deciding to leave my company if it refuses to offer me more.

Laëtitia, 33 years old, market survey coordinator.


I have been involved in a lot of negotiations throughout my career, but never on a personal level. Now, I feel better equipped…

Christine, 49 years old, communication manager for a large firm.

The topic

Chantal Desbordes, the Admiral and the Royale

I am not a feminist, far from it!  Yet I know that the likelihood of me one day becoming the CEO of one of the CAC40 companies remains extremely slim.  I couldn’t help remarking though that women who have emerged in a male-dominated world are often those who are the least feminist and most open to compromise.  Allow me to present Chantal Desbordes, who became the first woman admiral (without the ‘e’ to distinguish gender in French, as she loves to point out) in France.


An unexpected and unconventional career path

Chantal Desbordes originally set her sights on becoming a film director, and … signed up for three years in the Navy (in the media department if you were wondering about the link to the 7th art).  As it turned out, she would go on to spend her entire career there (in the Navy, not the cinema).
When she joined, the number of women stood at 0.28%, of which 0.17% were officers.  Today, partly thanks to her, the number of women in the Royal Navy has reached 14% and all the professions are accessible to women without restriction.
Chantal Desbordes explains, “It wasn’t easy making your mark in a male-dominated world, but in their eyes I didn’t pose a threat as I had chosen professions which, for men, were not desirable.”  However, this attitude was about to change when, in 1989, she was admitted to the Ecole Supérieure de Guerre Navale (French Naval Academy), a male stronghold, and on leaving the academy was appointed to a 'strategic' post of the Maritime Staff.
On 20 December 2001, Chantal Desbordes was appointed Admiral by the President of the Republic, making her the first woman to be awarded this post.

How did you manage to establish your credibility?

Chantal Desbordes is quite categorical: not by words, nor with displays of feminist activism (prevalent at the time).  “Rather than adopting a talking strategy, I preferred to make my actions speak for themselves, more discrete but more effective:  that proved to be a breakthrough, you make it through and it’s only after that you think to yourself:  ‘Yes, I finally did it’.”
She goes on to explain that it is important to understand, study the environment, seize the opportunity and use your skills to prove that you are competent.  It is a gradual process, so you have to be in it for the duration if you want to become credible.  “If you are competent, this will help in anticipating and preventing prejudice, very soon you will inspire confidence and command respect.” 

Chantal Desbordes epitomises a feminism of walking the walk and not just talking the talk, ambitious and intelligence, which has enabled her to reach the highest echelons.  At the very least, we could say:  isn’t she in the business of strategy?


Interview by:  Clara Stibbe (GE 16) 





Une femme amiral, Chantal Desbordes
Interview with Chantal Desbordes
Chantal Desbordes : the first woman admiral in France 

The topic

Sexism : a Social Issue!

The major underlying challenge of combating sexism still needs to be addressed in many areas of society including education, the business world, politics, and henceforth, communication.


Toutes Femmes, Toutes Communicantes is the national referral network of women communication professionals which is part of the COM-ENT  (‘Communication & Enterprise’) association. They are a committed player dedicated to non-sexist communication and the network accompanies training institutions, companies, and agencies in raising awareness amongst professionals working in communication and the media.

Female and male communication professionals bear enormous social responsibility. As they act as facilitators during major debates, they have a crucial role to play. They have to simultaneously foster equality between women and men during brand building and communication strategies, as they do during marketing campaigns.

Laurence Beldowski, Managing Director of COM-ENT and Pilot of "Toutes Femmes, Toutes communicantes".

It is within this context that Laurence Beldowski, in 2017, became involved in training over 250 SciencesCom students at Audencia and around 50 professionals. The purpose was to encourage (future) professionals to act responsibly in order to design communication campaigns without resorting to sexist stereotypes.


Innovation hub

Noël des Entrepreneurs campaign

In making the most of the end of year festivities, our Noël des Entrepreneurs campaign delivered on its promise of showcasing a selection of our entrepreneurs made in Audencia.

Around forty B2C entrepreneurs, graduates or start-ups incubated at the school, took pride of place on a dedicated website, backed up by an intensive publicity campaign. 

Organised for the third successive year, Noël des Entrepreneurs is a wonderful opportunity to shine a light on our home-grown talent while prompting a sense of pride from within the Audencia Alumni network.


The significant number of visitors to the site, open from November to the end of December, demonstrates that the dedicated promotional offers, which the Audencian entrepreneurs reserved for all graduates as well as their loved ones, have been very much appreciated.

It is important to note that this year saw a vast array of offerings:  from connected devices (Goji-Lowly) to fragrant books (Feel by smell) but also a great selection in the Wines & Spirits category (Wine on Demand, Fils de Pomme) or gourmet products (Tentation Fromage - Cheese Temptation), fashion, jewellery (Castorette Paris), beauty products, leisure, products for children, furniture and interiors,  and not forgetting coaching (TrainMe).


If you missed out on our Noël des Entrepreneurs 2017 then there’s still time to access the dedicated website to find out more about our 40 entrepreneurs. You can get to know each of them by reading through the special Alumni advent calendar, which is a special feature of this issue.


These inspirational portraits bear witness to each one of them having embarked on an amazingly rich,   and unique journey.  They equally serve to remind us of their active involvement in entrepreneurship during their time at Audencia, where daring is one of our core values.


Innovation hub

Audencia at the Heart of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

There’s no way you can come to the #CES without being extremely well prepared, armed with a clear objective and a well-defined strategy," testifies Michaël Thoby (exec-MBA 13), founder and CEO of Emotic.

In the age of #M2M (Machine To Machine), Michaël has chosen a somewhat different path, driven by a disruptive vision. Persuaded that “progress is nothing without emotion”, he believes that “only technology which has been created by Mankind, for Mankind, can connect us to what really matters.” Michaël has therefore gone into #H2H (Human to Human) and adopted a thinking based on usage, which is the driving force of his activity and the common thread which he champions with his clients as he guides them through the #CES in Las Vegas.

Over the past decade, with his #EmoSearch programme, he has taken his clients (1,150 people in 2018) on a journey of discovery around the #CES with its new techno trends.  It is hard not to physically get lost in this gigantic monster of a show with over 3,900 stands spread over 220,000 m² and host to 185,000 visitors.  Most importantly, he remains attentive to the weak or clear signals which stand to help each of his clients navigate the next five years.  In short, he aims to find the keys to help them distinguish between gadgets and practical tools.

At a time when creative synthesis is moving on apace, in Michaël’s view, we no longer have the option of going down the wrong track.  Smart Home, Smart City, in a word Smart Life (with Smart Speakers Alexa and GoogleHome as the stars of the show ), are at the heart of all current usage.  There is no point trying to resist it:  it is important to get a grasp of the movement and become totally involved if you want to find your path.

Fabien Jouron, Regional Delegate of La Poste (the French Post Office), explains the reason behind the Group deciding to attend the show in Las Vegas:

La Poste dates back to Louis XI and over the centuries has contributed to territorial development and the fostering of close social bonds.  However, if we fail to incorporate change, la Poste will die out because our historical professions – the postal system in particular – is witnessing inevitable decline. Transformation is now paramount: we need to equip ourselves with the means of providing new services in the public interest to a wider audience.  In conjunction with our main activity, if we can equip our bicycles and other vehicles with smart sensors, linked to high performance database systems, tomorrow we will be in a position of being able to provide new service offerings to territorial communities, for instance by tracking in real time the condition of the road network.  It is worth considering usage so as to take the right decisions at the opportune time.

Viva Las Vegas! For Michaël this is fast becoming an unmissable event which celebrates the success that Audencian start-uppers have been experiencing.  Velco, winner of two awards this year, succeeds 10-Vins, honored in 2016.  The American awards have created an incredible upward spiral, according to Jérôme Pasquet (MBA 06), “opening up a world of contacts in business and finance, but the show has also given us some fabulous media coverage which would have run into the several millions of euros according to our communications agency.”


Michaël’s only regret is not meeting up with the large number of Audencia graduates who were attending the show in Las Vegas.  He regrets not having had the opportunity to join forces or share impressions together.  However, he is intending to put things right next time in 2019 by setting up the very first Audencia @CES Afterwork.

Innovation hub

The Spirit of Enterprise at Audencia

Statistically speaking, 5.3% of students go on to set up their own business after completing their studies. This figure is constantly on the rise and is even set to triple over the next few years, stimulating higher education to come up with optimal solutions to accompany this phenomenon, for both students and graduates, happy to have the school as a trusted partner supporting them through their projects.


“Never stop daring!

Entrepreneurship has a proven track record at Audencia, with dedicated courses and specialisations in business creation, innovation and the digital field accessible via the majority of programmes offered by the school.

Enterprise at Audencia, is also about becoming part of the Centrale   Audencia   Ensa incubator, established in 2003, which proposes highly specialised expertise to any student or graduate wishing to start their own business, in any sector of activity. This incubator allows young entrepreneurs to benefit from administrative and logistic support, and gives them access to facilities such as workspaces, meeting rooms and databases.

In addition to the support given by professors from the three schools, there also exists a network of external experts, a referral coach, training seminars and the opportunity of being put in contact with business creators.


“The incubator is bringing together young entrepreneurs”

Since its establishment, the Centrale   Audencia   Ensa incubator has accompanied over 100 projects and contributed to the creation of over 200 jobs.  There have been a number of notable successes including 10-Vins and VelCo (award winner at the CES in Las Vegas and the Concours Lépine) or Tentation Fromage who have just become the successful recipients of some impressive funding.  Each year, a selection committee, comprised of representatives from establishments, start-ups, graduates and experts, select around 15 new initiatives for the incubator to work on.

Currently, 24 projects are concerned including Bee Healthcare, Lowly, HoKaran as well as l’effête papillonne (a play on words with the butterfly effect and festivities) which is positioning itself as a facilitator of events online. 

We have decided to become part of the incubator to benefit from their support as we develop our business.  The incubator makes it possible for us to interact with other young entrepreneurs.  It’s incredibly enriching as we often encounter the same issues and successes. The team is attentive to our needs and is extremely on the ball when it comes to setting up training sessions which we attend as and when needed.  The incubator is an asset, giving us extra backing when it comes to persuading additional stakeholders to get on board with the project," explains Camille Piet (SciencesCom 12), co-founder of l’effête papillonne.

In 2018, Audencia is pursuing its dual strategy, namely the development of solutions for entrepreneurs and the hybridisation of skills, by taking part in the launch of NM Cube. This new incubator, created in partnership with Ouest MediaLab, Creative Factory and Polytech Nantes, is already supporting seven projects in the media sector.

Campus life

Previously @ Audencia

In the closed circle of top-tier business schools holding the rare Triple Crown accreditation (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA), Audencia is pursuing its path of ambitious and continuous development.

For the past 16 years, the school has kept its enviable position, ranking 6th on the SIGEM tables, as establised by students in preparatory classes before entering the Grandes Ecoles. Audencia’s Grande Ecole Programme continues to confirm its high level of excellence, attractiveness, and commitment to competing at the highest level in a fiercely competitive environment.

Today, Audencia is home to 4,700 students and has a network of 24,000 alumni. The school offers a wide range of management and communication programmes, from bachelor to doctoral level:  a diversified offering, in line with the skills requirements demanded by the market.

To accompany this ongoing development, Audencia recruited a new director of programs last September. Daniel Scott Evans has a PhD in Economics from Ohio State University and has spent most of his career at the EM Lyon Business School, working as a lecturer before going on to become Director for Educational Solutions, and finally Director of Innovation.

Meanwhile, Nicolas Arnaud has taken over at the helm of the Grande Ecole Programme replacing Philippe Depincé, whose term of office had come to an end.  Nicolas holds a Doctorate in Management Science from the University of Nantes, and has been teaching at Audencia since 2009, where he heads the Chair of Managerial Innovation.  In 2016, he published “Middle Management, Driver of Managerial Innovation”, which he co-wrote with Thibault Bardon.


Audencia sees the opening of two new sites in 2017

Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS), opened its doors in September under the direction of Christophe Germain, and is one of the first schools to be set up in China by a French business school, in partnership with a Chinese university.   SABS is on a mission to bring together postgraduate students, seasoned professionals, and internationally renowned lecturer-researchers in the hub of China’s Silicon Valley.

MediaCampus, opened in the summer of 2017 right in the centre of Nantes’ creative district on the Ile de Nantes.  The site encompasses over 6,000m² and has been designed not only as a space to foster learning but also for sharing, content production and distribution, development, and research.  It hosts the Audencia SciencesCom programs (previously in Rue Marivaux) as well as some of the Masters courses, including Marketing Design & Creation and our latest programManagement & Entrepreneurship in Creative Economy.   The premises have been designed as a Media & Communication ecosystem, with the presence of a local television channel “TéléNantes”. In addition to this, there is a co-working space which can be booked by professionals working in the area.


The Triathlon is celebrating its 30th year   

Last but not least, don’t forget to celebrate the 30 years of Audencia La Baule Triathlon.  With an amazing 6,000 athletes taking part and over 60,000 spectators cheering them on, it is still going strong.  Make sure you join in the fun on 22 and 23 September 2018 and help us celebrate its 31st year.

Save The Date !

Campus life

Pushing back the borders and engaging with alumni

As Audencia extends its outreach beyond France, so students are looking to work in international environments across the globe. To encourage and inspire students from all programmes and horizons, the school invites its alumni back as guest speakers at several key events throughout the year. “Paroles de Diplômés” and “International Day”, held in February, March and September, mobilise over 50 alumni from companies in France and beyond.

Eugenia (IMM 12), Digital & e-Commerce Manager with luxury brand Qeelin in China and alumni ambassador for Shanghai, joined fellow alumni from the UK, Ireland, Canada and India to share their experiences at International Day.

My Audencia degree changed the way I think and opened up opportunities for me, she says. That’s what I want to share with students.

Students from all programs attended workshops at these events which accumulated more than 2400 registrations. IMM student Annie managed four alumni workshops in a single afternoon, confirming that alumni did indeed answer her questions and help her see her game plan more clearly. “I was inspired,” she says.


A Student’s View on Words from Graduates

The great strength of Words from Graduates, available to all Audencia students, lies in students being able to take part in open discussions with benevolent alumni from varied and unique career paths who share their experience from a wide range of firms and business sectors.  It also provides you with the opportunity of opening up a world of professional contacts to strengthen your network, and all of this takes place in a friendly atmosphere.

Interacting with alumni from different class years, helps you gain clarity on potential career paths and job openings.  This event is a tremendous opportunity not to be missed!

Guillaume Quelquejay, student, Audencia Grande Ecole.


Campus life

Latest news on Audencia

Audencia Business School becomes an EESC

On 1 January 2018, Audencia changed its status and is now an EESC (Etablissement d’Enseignement Supérieur Consulaire).  Hence, Audencia, backed by the CCI Nantes–St Nazaire, is strengthening its management autonomy and has more agility to respond better to the stakes faced in its development.

Meanwhile, Audencia is honoring its Board of Directors by appointing three new administrators who are also graduates of the school: Eric Dodin (GE 88), CEO Assurone Group, by virtue of the  Audencia Alumni association, Dominique de Font-Réaulx (GE 82), Director of the Delacroix Museum, and Sylvie Casenave-Péré (GE 81), PDG of Posson Packaging, by virtue of their expertise.

In so doing, Audencia is reaffirming the importance of its alumni, by giving them pride of place at the heart of its development.

In real terms, with this change in status Audencia becomes a legal entity with a legal framework close to that of a public limited company.   Backed by the power accorded by the signature of a public body and holding its building as security, from now on the school will be able to increase its capacity to secure loans and enhance its growth.   With greater autonomy of management, the school’s mission and nature of working in the public interest will be preserved and the institution protected from any external seizure of power.

Tell me +  about the change in status.



Audencia has a new slogan, which reaffirms the essence of the brand on a global scale:   daring.

Remaining ever true to its belief in co-creation, last December the school gave all students and associates the possibility of working together to come up with a new brand baseline to accompany Audencia.

The signature “Never stop daring” was suggested by Manon Meyer, student on the Grande Ecole programme specializing in Entrepreneurship, and was selected by the management at Audencia from among the 1270 suggestions received.

She has this to say: 

I wanted to use this short, catchy message to convey just how important it is in life not to self-censor, limit yourself, or lack ambition, but rather keep daring, keep taking risks, and keep setting yourself new challenges.  That’s exactly the message Audencia is passing on to the students.

Never Stop Daring

Campus life

Research Chairs Inspiring Business and Society

In an ever-changing global economic climate, businesses feel the need to understand, get a better grasp of, and learn to anticipate new practices.  Expert research and teaching conducted by research chairs provides them with this knowledge.


The purpose of a chair

At Audencia, the chair is set up at the intersection of an expressed market need and the academic expertise of the faculty.  It is supported by the Audencia Foundation within the framework of corporate sponsorship, with the aim of developing expert teaching and research on defined topics with one or more corporate sponsors.

In response to rapidly changing socio-economic market conditions, businesses are looking to scientific insights related to these changes, in order to identify their scope, get a better grasp of the issues involved, and find points of leverage to develop operational business solutions. The lecturer-researchers at Audencia are, in their own view, constantly connected to the business world which provides them with material they can draw on as they develop new knowledge and insights.

This synergy of interests forms the ideal foundation for a chair, a win-win partnership, bringing together businesses and a cross-disciplinary team made up of researchers, PhD students, and experts.


Applying work carried out by the chair to real-life solutions

However, the model of the chair in its very nature remains ambiguous as the objectives of the faculty members and the firms would seem to differ. Researchers are assessed and judged on the articles they publish in academic journals, that is to say on their output of knowledge. As for businesses, they often expect to be given practical handbooks offering turnkey solutions to their issues.

Yet, the success of a chair lies predominantly in the involvement and the proximity of the firm. The latter allows the researchers to form a clearer understanding of their expectations, give a breakdown of the empirical method which sheds light on their initial requirements, and provide interim results at each key stage.


Inspiring Business

The research chair produces a wide variety of deliverables which contribute indirectly to meeting market needs: White Papers, workshops, conferences, MOOCs, journals, barometers, case studies as a pedagogical tool, etc.

Whether the business wants to commit itself to a specific market-related topic, enhance its image among Audencia’s stakeholders, be the first to take advantage of breakthroughs in research, or have direct interaction with students involved with these topics, the chair is here to deliver.  


The Foundation’s role

Whether the initiative comes from the business or the professor, the team at the Foundation systematically ensures that the project submitted is in the public interest.  This is a prerequisite of the fiscal regime related to the sponsorship scheme, and enables the business to benefit from 60% tax-breaks in their funding, which is limited to 0.5% of its turnover.


Campus life

Recruitment of Future Audencians is in full swing

The recruitment campaign to attract new students to join Audencia’s programs in 2018 is gaining momentum.  In total, there will be an intake of almost 4,800 students, from bachelor to MBA, as well as the Grande Ecole program, specialized master, School of Communication or international programs.

Graduates and trusted friends of Audencia are key actors who take part in the recruitment of these new students and they are getting involved by promoting the school and its programmes in their personal and professional circles.  By committing themselves to becoming jury members, they are indeed at the heart of the selection process.


Join us as we give you a brief overview of the initial training programs Audencia has to offer :

  • The bachelor’s programme has an intake of 180 students per class year and is taught over three years, enabling professionals to be operational with strong potential for promotion.  It also offers students the possibility of pursuing the master’s degree course. Tell me +
  • The Grande Ecole programme has a proven track record at Audencia, and trains business leaders to acquire rich and varied skill- sets.  Applicants must either have completed preparatory classes to be eligible for the 1st year (intake of 480) or have obtained the level of Bac+3, to be eligible for the 2nd year (intake of 280). Tell me +
  • Audencia SciencesCom, the School of Communication and Media, offers a certification of Bac+5.  The 1st year is accessible on the bachelor cycle and the 2nd and 3rd years on the masters cycle. It is an all-round superior training course which prepares 350 students per year to integrate successfully the business world. Tell me +
  • Specialized Masters are programs which lead to level Bac+6 certification, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. Audencia offers six specialized masters:  International Skills Management (MCI), Sports Organisations Management (MOS), Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age (SMED), Marketing, Design & Creation (MDC), Global Purchasing & Supply Chain (MASC) and Financial Risk Management (FRC) Tell me +
  • International Masters are at the heart of Audencia’s development strategy.  International Master in Management (IMM), MSc Food & Agribusiness Management (FAM), MSc Management & Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy (MECE), Master European & International Business Management (EIBM), MSc Supply Chain and Purchasing Management (MSCPM) Tell me +
  • Audencia MBA is open to professionals with more than three years’ experience, holding at least a bachelor’s degree. There are three alternatives:  the full-time MBA, the euro-MBA and the Executive MBA. Tell me +


Would you be interested in taking part in the selection process of a new generation of talent?

Key dates to note:  

  • April 2018 (from 7 to 14): oral tests for admission onto Audencia Bachelor
  • April 2018 (from 5 to 7): oral tests for admission onto Audencia SciencesCom
  • May 2018 (from 31/05 to 9/06): oral tests for PGE (admitted based on certificates)
  • June 2018 (from 19/06 to 11/07): oral tests for PGE (preparatory classes)
  • June 2018 (from 7 to 9): oral test for admission onto Audencia SciencesCom


Contacts: Matthieu Bonnamy for Audencia Bachelors, Sylvie Fromageau for the PGE and Mélanie Bosc for Audencia SciencesCom.


Regarding specialised masters, the international programs and the MBA, the application dossier, accessible throughout the year, must be completed on the Internet.  Interview sessions for admission take place on a regular basis. If you would like to take part in any of them, please get in touch with Cindy Risse and Kim Nguyen.

Patronage & support

Alumni contribute to the school's development

Class Gift: fund dedicated to student projects doubled

The Class Gift 2017, driven by the collective engagement of faculty members at Audencia Business School, students from the Class of 2017 (represented by their ambassador Julien Denis) and their patron EY is now complete, following the graduation ceremony, raising a total of 4770 euros.  This fund, dedicated to student projects, has doubled in respect to 2016.  Next spring, this amount will be assigned to one or several student projects. As was the case last year, the release of funding will take place in two stages.  The students will “pitch” their project in front of a committee, who will decide on a short- list of finalists, then the donators will carry out an online vote to choose the winning project.

Class Gift 2017


“My contribution to Audencia”

Last July, members of the Audencia Foundation received a message from a dedicated and determined student.  It was entitled, “My contribution to Audencia” and expressed, in a very natural way, this recent graduate’s desire to get involved. Florent Fauchère (GE 17), looks back on what motivated him to write:   “My idea is to invest my energy into furthering an issue I hold dear, that of social diversity within our establishment.  With this in mind, I am offering to give my time to promote the visibility of funding projects within Audencia’s network.”  So it came to be that the Foundation entrusted Florent to launch its fundraising appeal. Message heard loud and clear!  In total, over 2017, graduates and friends of Audencia Business School donated almost 40,000 euros to finance the promotion of social and cultural openness.

Patronage & support

The Audencia Foundation: Never Stop Daring

Year in year out, from the class of 1960 all the way through to the class of 2017, our graduates have continued to give their increasing support to the work carried out by the Audencia Foundation. 

Please view the infographic to get a deeper insight into the purpose, the missions and the projects backed by the Foundation, then come and join the movement!

Patronage & support

Help support valuable research

Example of the Family Entrepreneurship & Society Chair

Family- run businesses make up the most common form of business in France.  Ensuring their durability through continuous growth and positive management- transfer is therefore paramount if they are to remain socially and economically competitive.

For Miruna Radu-Lefèbvre, head of the Family Entrepreneurship & Society Chair, “if the values upon which family businesses have been founded are not passed on from generation to generation, then the business is certain to go under !”  Yet, handing over the baton within the same family is not so commonplace: 20- 30% to the first generation, less than 16% to the second.

This challenge of positive management- transfer is essential for family- owned businesses.  It is at the heart of our work at the Family Entrepreneurship & Society Chair, currently carrying out pioneering research on the subject.  Pierre Gattaz, President of MEDEF and Chairman of the second generation of Radiall, hit the nail on the head when he described the chair as “the missing link” in the French landscape of family- run businesses.

As well as intergenerational succession, the work carried out by the chair also offers a new approach on the position of women in family businesses, in addition to how to identify and attract new talent from outside the family circle.

The distinctive approach of the chair’s work, such as its direct relevance and relevance to businesses in the area, is being championed by many economic decision- makers and also by a group of loyal and dedicated sponsors.  CIC Ouest, EY, Fleury Michon, Dubreuil, Europcar, MEDEF Vendée and the Vendée department in France have joined forces to support the chair of the Audencia Foundation.

 “EY works across France supporting medium-sized firms, which for the most part remain family- run businesses. So it naturally followed that EY decided to extend its support to the chair which has set its sights on becoming France’s benchmark of academic excellence in the research and teaching of family entrepreneurship,” attests François Macé, business partner at EY and alumni (GE 79). He goes on to explain:

As a graduate, it seemed only natural to contribute towards strengthening close ties between my company, EY and Audencia, so as to champion the use of best practices but also to strengthen intergenerational succession in its broadest sense.

Did you know?

In 2016, Audencia became the French referral of the STEP network (Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practice).

Discover more about the Family Entrepreneurship & Society Chair.


Recent publications

Booklets on HR prospecting by the Alliance

The three schools which form the Centrale-Audencia-ENSA Alliance all share the same belief that it is through the harnessing of interfaces and convergence that forward-looking projects of value and innovation are elaborated.  Consequently, the hybridization of skills, mind-sets, and organization, is at the heart of the work carried out by the Alliance.  Armed with these convictions, the Alliance sought to bring greater insights into what exactly is meant by “hybridization” in our rapidly changing world, so as to anticipate the content and teaching methods of tomorrow.  This manual is the fruit of a collaborative effort (72 people in total, mainly human resources professionals) and is based on a forward-thinking, original approach. 

Should you need further information, please contact  Françoise Marcus.


Acceleration: behind the scenes of hyper-growth

Minvielle N., Lauquin M. & Caruso (2018).Diateino.

Accelerating means showing your ingenuity to be able to seize new opportunities, to follow bends in the road at the right time and gain the advantage.  The authors shine a light on the five essential dimensions required to be in a position to accelerate:  vision, HR, culture, KPI, and finance.




Advertizing in the age of data

Balusseau V. & Allary J. (2018). Dunod. 

Data and advertising: where are you with this?





Organizational Project Management

Bernardin E. (2017). 

The purpose of this publication is to provide a general understanding of project management and also to explore the implications of the setting up of a project within an organization.

Human factors are covered with the role of the project leader and the management of his/her team, as well as methodologies using the essential core elements, which are truly indispensable, ensuring time- savings and increased efficiency.


International Human Resource Management in South Korean Multinational Enterprises

Kang H. & Shen J. (2017). Springer. 

This book analyzes Korean multinational enterprises' management strategies in China.





Are you a graduate and your work has been published? We would love to hear about it so please drop us a few lines at Audencia alumni.


New appointments

Some of our Audencians have changed their posts over the past few months:

  • Benjamin Binot (GE 02) has been appointed Vice- President and CEO at Procter & Gamble, France & Benelux regions
  • Guillaume Bonezia (GE 14) has been appointed Senior Consultant - Digital Customer Experience at CAPGEMINI
  • David Capdaspe-Lagangue (GE 97) has been appointed Financial Director France at SCALIAN
  • Edouard De La Jonquiere (GE 07) has been appointed CMO at Brand and Celebrities
  • Maelys De Lummen (GE 04) has been appointed Secretary- General at Barnes
  • Quentin Denis (GE 15) has been appointed VFX Department Manager at MPC Canada
  • Matthieu Grandjean (IMM 07) has been appointed Territory Channel Manager at Microsoft
  • Stéphane Lesage (EXEC MBA 13) has been appointed Director of BU Charging Solutions France at Webasto Thermo & Comfort France SAS
  • Evelyne Llauro-Barres (GE 91) has been appointed Deputy Director HR at MAIF
  • Juliette Mutel (SCOM 02) has been appointed Deputy CEO at Babel
  • Nicolas Petit (MOS 05) has been appointed Manager for Continental Development at The International Table Tennis Federation
  • Nicolas Retailleau (GE 03) has been appointed Financial Control Director at Galeries Lafayette
  • Aurélien Rondreux (EAC 04) has been appointed Sales Director France at CAMUS
  • Julien Spiegel (GE 12) has been appointed Senior Brand Manager Jack Daniel's UK at Brown-Forman


We would like to express our congratulations to every one of you on these distinguished appointments!

If you would like to tell us about your recent appointment, please contact us at


Meeting with Damien Verdier, AACSB Influential Leader 2018

One Thursday, while lunching with the Executive Board of the Audencia Foundation,  Damien Verdier (GE 79), Group Chief Strategy, Organisation, Development, Research & Innovation Officer at Sodexo, told us about his professional career spanning 39 years as part of a small family business which went on to become a global giant.


“I found out what being brave really means”

It all began during his time as a student at Audencia when, while looking for internships for overseas students, Damien first formed links with Sodexo. In the end, he was the one being recruited, finding himself attracted by a fast-growing service sector and the culture of a business experiencing rapid expansion. 

Once qualified, Damien set about climbing the corporate ladder.   From Area Manager, to Regional Director, he was then appointed Operations Director and CEO of Corporate activities and Administration in France, in 1993, in a challenging economic climate which forced him to bring in strategic and structural changes, to see quality improvements and cost reductions. “At the time, I found out what being brave really means,” he says.

His ascension continued as Sodexo grew, and he eventually became the CEO of France in 1998.  This opened the doors to a global market:  he is Chief of Strategy in Europe and has become a member of the group’s Executive Board.


“CSR should permeate all of the business strategies”

In 2008, Damien became sponsor of Sodexo’s Corporate Responsibility then became actively involved in the elaboration of the group’s CSR roadmap:  Better Tomorrow 2025 at the intersection of three main stakes:  hunger, diversity, and waste.


At what point did his idea take shape of associating Sodexo, where CSR forms an integral part of its founding values, and Audencia, his school, which has developed this expertise to become its distinctive point of difference?  He does not tell us.  Yet, in 2017, Sodexo joined the partners of Audencia’s CSR chair.

When we began talks with André Sobczak, Academic Director and co-holder of the CSR chair, I especially appreciated the pedagogical approach to CSR, developed by Audencia.  All too often, CSR is confined to one department in a company, yet this subject should permeate all of the business strategies," Damien explains.

Damien has just been honored by the AACSB, international institution of accreditation, alongside 28 other Influential Leaders, all of whom are eminent, pioneering graduates in the manner in which they address social, economic, and environmental stakes, and whose careers are inspiring models for future generations.  Tell me +

Before heading off for his taxi, Damien Verdier is as discrete as ever in sharing the key to his exceptional career at Sodexo:  a genuine, enduring passion for service trades. These jobs are certainly in need of recognition but in the main are also under-exploited fertile ground for innovation.

Around the globe

Celebrating international cultures

Being a student at Audencia is about learning, stretching your limits, self-development, but not just that. It is also about making friends, crossing cultures and having fun. Whatever the occasion, events for students should be giving participants something to take home that also makes them want to come back.

The annual Intercultural Festival (ICF) is such an event. ICF is organised by students for students with the support of Audencia Alumni and the international program managers to the school’s cultural diversity. The sense of pride and belonging around ICF is strong. Careers consultant and alumna Shyla du Cosquer remembers, “During my studies at Audencia, I really felt that we needed a cross-cultural event to bring people together from all programs and all horizons. I am so pleased to see IMM students taking up the challenge and organizing a fantastic event for everyone.”  In her speech as newly elected IMM 2018 class ambassador at the international program graduation ceremony, Kateryna from the Ukraine, looked back at the last edition of ICF : “I am so proud,” she said, “of the legacy our IMM class is leaving behind. We have created a tradition that brings people together at Audencia.” This was also echoed by Prathiba (IMM 2019) who led the student team responsible for organizing ICF 2017. With nearly 350 participants in 2017, Prathiba saw the highlight as the salsa dancing.


“Seeing students from so many different nationalities all dancing together felt really good – a great achievement.” Prathiba hopes to come to ICF 2018, just before she graduates. “For the 2018 edition, I would love to see more acts and more involvement from French students,” she says.

Another event celebrating cultural diversity was the first IMM class reunion. The class of 2012 had 40 students from 18 different nationalities currently living all across the world. Amazingly, half of the class made it to Paris for a reunion weekend in September 2017 organized at distance by Robert in Wales and Barbara in Brazil. They got in touch with the whole class to pitch the reunion idea and asked a French classmate to help with finding and booking a restaurant in Paris. “Everything was easier than we’d anticipated,” says Robert. “It’s something to do more regularly,” adds Barbara. “The excitement before the reunion really grew. We made some amazing friendships during our time in Nantes and the class reunion strengthened them,” she says.

Around the globe

Bringing international communities closer together

Launching Together, the alumni platform was a landmark for international alumni around the world. It did, literally, bring people together.

Last year, Together’s international communities welcomed more than 2500 members, held more than 70 afterwork events and met up with 28 faculty and staff in all four corners of the globe.

There are special mentions for:

  • Munich, Geneva & London – for being the most dynamic communities of the year (>200 afterwork attendees)
  • Tokyo – for bringing the Christmas spirit (and Santa himself) to the last afterwork of the year
  • Phnom Penh – for an inspiring action plan
  • Tel Aviv and Amsterdam – for being the youngest additions to the community
  • Beijing and Shanghai – for the dedication in bringing Audencia to China


On a different level, perhaps the most compelling example of the alumni esprit de corps was the “find me” communications campaign to launch Together’s “Close to Me” application. Around the world, alumni donned “Where’s Wally” kits for a selfie in front of iconic landmarks. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Sphinx, from Molly Malone’s statue to the Sydney Opera House, alumni completed a round the world journey in just a few days.

When asked if they would participate in the communications campaign, Nushad said, “The idea is simply AMAZING! I will be more than happy to be a part of this journey.” Habiba added, “I like the animation which is going to be created thanks to that application.” Helene saw one of the photos on social networks and wrote in to say, “It looks fab!”

In 2018, we hope this spirit will continue and look forward to supporting alumni initiatives around the globe. We are reliably informed that sporting events and inspirational conferences will be on the agenda.


Launching a new alumni chapter in Shenzhen

Audencia is delighted to announce the launch of an alumni community in Shenzhen. The official kick-off will take place on 21 March during the SABS (Shenzhen Audencia Business School) school banquet.

Professor Christophe Germain, Dean of SABS, will host the event and have the honor of welcoming the French Consul to give an opening speech and message of friendship between France and China. During the banquet, the Dean will officiate a ceremony recognizing the achievements of alumni and welcoming them to the global community of Audencians. With growing numbers of students enrolled at Shenzhen, it is even more important to create a sense of community for students who will not necessarily study in Nantes.

Business Corner

The key to succeed at every stage of your career

Are you facing a challenge in your job and are now finding yourself in need of a little extra support to gain some clarity ?

Audencia Careers and Audencia Alumni have joined forces to provide individual career coaching which has been specially designed to meet the needs of graduates.   By using dedicated tools with tried and tested methodology, this coaching provides tailored support to managers undergoing a period of transition.

 I decided to opt for individual coaching sessions with Audencia as I wanted to discuss my professional concerns in an anonymous and caring setting, and it was important for me to set myself clear objectives right from the start. (GE 14)

Coaching is a service we render but not much gets said about it. Know-how is great, but know-how-to-be is vital these days. (GE 01)

Following an initial needs analysis discussion, the number of sessions is defined by the certified coach.  It is possible to attend these monthly two-hour sessions on the campus of Audencia Nantes/Paris or via Skype and the sessions usually take place over a period of four to eight months.

The fee for an individual session with a certified coach is €400 (VAT included). For those with Gold membership, Audencia covers 58% of the fee, so the session comes in at €170.

For Agnès Marchand,  Audencia Careers manager and professional coach:   “This offer enables you to bring your talents to the fore while remaining true to yourself, so that you can continue your journey of development in a kind, professional, and confident manner.”

For more information:

Business Corner

Audencia’s Career Center at your service

Over 13,000 job offers are posted each year on Audencia’s digital Career Center, powered by JobTeaser, which is open to both students and graduates alike.

What’s more, you might be surprised to know that nearly 30% of these openings are targeted at graduates who are seasoned professionals with over six years’ experience under their belt, with posts covering all positions and business areas.

Audencia’s Career Center – JobTeaser is therefore a valuable asset and aids in the development and professional mobility of graduates. You can gain access to JobTeaser by going to Together/Jobboard.


Complementary to this, each year Audencia Alumni alongside Audencia's Career Center offers a range of courses designed for alumni with professional experience. Graduates can take part in interactive workshops in groups of six to twelve participants, led by one or more of our recruitment specialists. 


Boost your Career Course (upcoming session):

5 & 6 April 2018: Step 1

26 April 2018: Step 2

Information & Registration


Let’s hear from the graduates!

There is no age limit to taking a couple of days out to center your thoughts on yourself, your career path and what really motivates you, especially if you can benefit from healthy group dynamics which can be so enriching and so essential.   I’m leaving this workshop with the first draft of an action plan and a positive and optimistic outlook. (EURO MBA 06)


I have found being part of a caring, respectful and attentive group both energizing and highly motivating. (GE 96)


Business Corner

Give your Business a Boost with Close to Me

Close to Me was brought out just 11 months after the launch of Together. This feature had been eagerly awaited by the whole community and it enables you to geo-locate all graduates, students, and faculty members in France and across the globe.

Whether prospecting, seeking employment, developing your business on an international scale, setting up subsidiaries, or identifying skill sets in those around you, all of this is made possible with Close to Me.

Close to me pinpoints Audencians by using their most recently reported business address from Audencia’s database. It is then up to individuals to update their location on the map. It makes looking for a job in Berlin, a business associate in New York, or information on the Asian market a whole lot easier!

Some of our alumni and students have been testing out this new tool and here’s what they have to say about it: 



Close to Me makes it easier to meet and interact with people who, on the face of things, only have the school they attended in common.  This feature is a great tool if you want to grow your business as part of our trustworthy community of Audencians.


The end

We hope you enjoyed our first magazine. 

The mag #2 is due out next May.

For every questions/requests, you can drop us few lines at:

More info on Together